Aroma Touch

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Aroma touch is a way of applying diluted essential oils directly to the body for overall health benefit. It is particularly good at helping the body to release built up tension/stress. A wide variety of essential oils can be used to support your overall wellness and support stress relief. The use of high quality pure essential oils can support your body’s overall ability to regulate and regenerate and can be used aromatically or through topical application to key points on the body.

Fiona’s Aromatouch Plus experience allows you to relax on the table after learning short energy hacks and breathing techniques to take home and help continue to support your body. As you drift gently into a calm quiet space Fiona applies the essential oils to your back, neck, head and feet in this truly relaxing experience. If you would like to know more about essential oils, their uses and applications or to make a booking to experience Aromatouch Plus contact Fiona.